I’m a Cloud Architect with over 25 years of IT, development and operations experience. I like to create new things from an initial idea and see them through to completion, and generally being on the bleeding edge of technology. This is probably why I agreed to host the GDG Cloud OC meetup on a monthly basis.

I am employed by F5 as a Global Solutions Architect with a focus on GCP and cloud-native technologies. In case it is not obvious, this is a personal website, and it does not represent the intentions, plans or strategies of my employer. All posts are my personal opinion, etc, etc.


You can often find me lurking in a number of Slack communities (Kubernetes, Gophers, and Google Cloud Platform Community) usually with the name memes.

GPG Fingerprint: EE26 64DD 38F5 3BA6 849E 99B7 7574 4633 3D3E C29A

My public key can be downloaded here, or you can pull it from a keyserver. I am on keybase too and I still have some invites available; hit me up at https://keybase.io/memes if you would like an invite.


This site is built from Markdown using Hugo and BeautifulHugo theme. Source for this site is in my Github repo.