Migrate OC GCP domain to Google Cloud Platform, with DNSSEC enabled

Preparing for a dynamic site on GCP, part 1

As the demos for OC GCP Meetup get better and more interactive, I thought it was time to have a single domain that can be used to access them and to host future demos. This post, and the others that follow, will show how to migrate or setup a new domain to use GCP services exclusively.

First step in the process is to transfer DNS responsibilities to Cloud DNS; I’ll be using ocgcp.com domain in these examples, but nothing here is unique to our meetup. Since it’s 2017, DNSSEC will be enabled to offer as much protection to our domain as possible.

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Installing Azure CLI to Chromebook

I was asked to contribute to a white-paper for Azure container services and as part of that task I naturally wanted to install the CLI. No problem to do so on Linux and Windows, but I encountered some problems when doing so for Termux and Chromebook. This post details how to resolve the issue on a Chromebook or other locked down environment.

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OC Google Cloud Platform Meetup - September 2017

The topic for September’s OC GCP meetup has been chosen by vote to be about “Containers on GCP”; please join me as I talk about the various ways to deploy a containerised solution on GCP. IaaS, PaaS-ish and CaaS will be discussed and examples given for each.

See you at Neudesic HQ on Tuesday September 26th.

.NET Core SDK on Debian Testing

Installing .NET Core SDK on Debian Testing tl;dr install missing packages libicu52, libssl1.0.0 and liblttng-ust0 downgrade curl to stable release 7.38.0-4+deb8u5 Update 6/11/2017:- Accidentally released the hold on curl/libcurl3, and dotnet command still works. I think that libcurl3 is only used when downloading framework and can be reset when done. As part of a series of posts on deploying .NET Core applications to GKE, I had to install . [Read More]